Nice to meet you.

I’m Cass. California native, motivational quote obsessed, champion of what’s possible.

As a Goal & Accountability Coach I spend my time helping people like you build the skills needed to break down the barriers and find solutions to whatever it is you’re seeking to begin, balance , or move beyond. Stop, start, restart, give up, start again, fall down, get back up. 

I get it. With every ounce of my being I get the desire to evolve, the fire in your belly for shift, the yearning for a north star that holds you steady and keeps you moving your mind, body & soul in all the right directions.


North stars aren't always north

Each of our paths is unique. I cut my teeth in corporate America – building teams, building businesses, transforming organizations. And in all that, while I learned so much, I realized that my true north was actually not north at all. 

I hadn’t gone to school to become the next VP of XYZ. I had gone to school to equip myself with the tools to help people like you find harmony, try that thing you’re afraid to try, take calculated risks that unlock feeling the ways you want to each and every day. 

Pause. Pivot.

Five years later and here I am with a whole lot of life experience plus some specialized training to pass the magic along in any way I can. It’s too epic not to!

P.s. There’s a hilarious story (i.e. slightly embarassing yet totally life changing) behind what kicked my ass into gear and flipped my own thinking on its head if you're interested in reading the sordid details.