More than miles


Move the body, quiet the mind. Never underestimate the power of movement to clear the head, sooth the soul and stoke the fires of determination! While sweating with me isn’t a requirement, engaging in some sort of physical activity is a total game changer so prepare to be encouraged to move your parts someway, somehow.

If running (or the idea of running) is your jam, I’ve totally got you. As a certified fitness instructor, I specialize in training runners on how to safely and effectively find their feet and get moving.  None of the judgement, all of the guidance and enough inspiration to keep you going when your head and body want nothing to do with any of it (think pep talks, memes, songs, sticky notes for your mirror/car/shoes, etc.)!


Hit the ground running

GROUP ACTIVITY: Like the idea of sweating with new faces and fresh energy? Group running series might be an awesome fit. 

1:1 ACTIVITY: Solo sweating more your style? I’m totally in.